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This extension (or plugin, however you like to call it) to Microsoft DMF gives the kernel driver developer the ability to filter between bus drivers and their child PDOs. The need for such a tool arose when [researching and working around a UDE shortcoming with audio devices](https://fosstodon.org/@Nefarius/110089542325783941) in the lab environment. Microsoft's official stance on bus filter drivers are... not exultant to say the least. You can take the code for your research and development shenanigans in a controlled lab environment for any similar challenge that comes to mind. Heed my warnings though that I highly discourage the reader from adding code like this to their production releases. It works™ but is in no way, shape or form completely bug-free nor peer-reviewd nor approved by any of the big shots in the Windows driver development world. You have been warned.
## How to use
See this [example implementation](https://git.nefarius.at/nefarius/nssudeaudio).
## Sources & 3rd party credits
- [Bus Filter Framework](https://github.com/abysdom/bus-filter-framework)